zaterdag 10 juni 2017

The newspaper of aunt Helena

I came across this picture of great-grand aunt Helena Brusten reading a newspaper. I'm not sure who the lady on the right is. It might have been a friend or maybe her sister-in-law. I would really like to know when this picture was taken. It looks like they were sitting on the beach and it must have been quite warm outside looking at their clothes...

I have tested the capabilities of my scanner by scanning the newspaper in the picture at a very high resolution and then enhancing the image with image processing software. Part of the main title is really clear now "backs the labour government". Other than that it's really difficult to read anything but the name of this British newspaper "Daily Herald". The Daily Herald was published on a daily basis from 1912 to 1964.
Further the front page seems to show a record with a big number 45. I assume it must have been a 45 rpm record. While 45 rpm records were first introduced in the very late 1940's, they only became very popular in the 1950's, so this picture must have been taken after WWII.
Finally, all I could identify on this front page is somehting that looks like a blimp or a zeppelin and in the lower right corner a vintage looking add for, I think, a washing machine with a brand name ending in "MASTER". I'll take a look in the UK Trademark register to see if I can find any leads there.
So, based on all of the above, my best guess is that this picture was probably taken in a spring or summer month, somewhere in the 1950's or the early 1960's.
This type of detective work is so much fun... Anyone else has any tips?

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  1. I think this may be earlier given there is an image of a bi-plane on the page plus a 'blimp' (airship)